About The Author

   Photo: Diana  Gill


Food Writer, Pastry Chef, Small Business Owner, Educator:  Currently working on her first cook-book. EST: published date 2018.

Along with colorful photos, the story unfolds behind why Diana opened her business in 2008, the book will have recipes for scones, cookies, cakes, children’s section, and event parties.  The scone recipes include classics such as the company’s famous pumpkin spice, which is a hit at,The Pacific Coast Farmers’ Market Association where she sold her baked goods. http://www.pcfma.com/

Back by popular demand Espresso Brownies, Designer Sugar Cookies, infusions of spices right from the past, present, a special taste of “The Bay Area” where she was born.  After working in the fashion industry for over a decade she decided to follow her dream with it she  brings to the table a special passion for “The Art Of Baking” as well as a keen sense of  taste to tickle your palette!!

With a splash of Couture in all!!

Contract Information: diana@couturebaking.com

Tel: (888) 205-7369

www.couturebaking.com  (Please visit our website for more information)

Business Owner/CEO Founded in 2008

Pastry Chef


California College of Arts
Baking & Pastry Degree AA
Pâtisserie and Baking
Culinary Management
Hospitality & Restaurant Management

Pro  Manager Program

 Food Safety Manager Certified

 CPR Certified

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