Eclairs, Puffs, (Pate A Choux)


8 ounces (1 cup) water

pinch of salt

1 teaspoon of sugar

4 ounces (1 stick of butter) unsalted butter, cut up

5 ounces (1 cup), scant all-purpose flour

5 eggs, large

Preheat oven to 400F. Line a baking sheet with baking parchment and fit a pastry bag with  a pastry bag with a plain 1/2-inch round tube.Combine water,salt,sugar, and butter in a heavy saucepan. Bring to a boil and add flour all at once.  Stir vigorously for 2 minutes over medium heat until well amalgamated and mixture pulls away form side of pan. Transfer to bowl of electric mixer and beat for 3 to 4 minutes at low-speed to cool mixture.  Add eggs one at a time, making sure each in incorporated before adding the next one. Beat at medium-high speed until mixture is smooth and shiny. Transfer to pastry bag and pipe into desired shapes (see next page). Bake for 20 minutes or until well puffed and golden.





Argry Birds Birthday Theme

Angry Birds, must admit that I did not know much about the characters. The request for an Angry Bird themed birthday cake was one I could not turn down because it came from none other than one of my favorite students. Like I always say, some of your best ideals and inspirations will come from your customers. So for me, it was not simple. You see, I did not want to disappoint the birthday boy or his friends. I knew they would be looking for “Bad Piggies.” They like to party, their dance moves are always on point, they can build things. Hmm…I knew I had to include “Red Bird,” “Blue Jake,” “Chuck (Yellow Bird),” “Bubbles (Orange Bird),” and my personal favorite- “King Pig!”


The cake was four layers of white cake covered with chocolate frosting on the inside. I did take a chance and worried that perhaps the chocolate would show through the white fondant but I was lucky! Everything on the cake was edible, including the sling shot. I used fondant which I don’t usually use for a children’s cake but I wanted to have a clean, sheer finish. Remember, purchase high quality fondant. Also, I use only the best ingredients.  For the image on the cake I used a Epison printer and edible ink.

“Find something you’re passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it.” – Julia Child






Bad Piggies?

These green guys have a lot going for them. They like to party, their dance moves are always on point, they can build things. Absolutely nothing suspicious here!

Mini Cupcake Cake

I was looking for a something fun to do with a class I teach during the summer. I came across this.We are celebrating baseball week so I thought this would be perfect! Typing in the dark while my family is asleep, time always seems to get the best of me somehow… This picture came from Cake Central! I will have the kids color a banner around the cupcake and use marshmallow for the topping. Pictures to follow!


Goodnight and Happy Cookin,
Chef D