Les Mararons

I do say “I love  Parisian macarons,” they are the stilettos of cookies as far as I am concerned if that makes any sense…  The only place they are sold is in Paris, well if you want the real thing. If I  happened to be in book store I will most likely be caught up in the […]

Pink And Green Thursday, Diana (Vega) Gill

Ville des Reves” (City of the Dreams) http://www.couturebaking.com When a “bride to be” asked me to make these Green and Pink  wedding favors for her shower it just so happened  the delivery date  fell on a Thursday!  A perfect girls night out!   http://www.couturebaking.com She had mentioned that she loved to shop at Tiffany’s so […]

Waking Up In Paris , By Diana (Vega) Gill

Waking up in Paris would be nice, sight-seeing and holding hands beneath the Eiffel  Tower breath-taking;  Europe’s most famous landmarks Palace of  Versailles and the  Louvre Palace. Who would not like to a day of shopping with Channel, Dior, Vuitton, Yves Saint-Laurent or dinner I much prefer the  Paris food markets, or Le Procope’s, as time ticks away  Luxembourg Gardens! So when […]

The culinary equivalent of haute couture, By Diana Vega Gill

There are times in life that you may have asked yourself “Am I living the life I was meant to live” and until today the answer has  always been, “Yes” feeling exhausted with a new twist in the road it was only an obstacle yet just another challenge to face. I decided to take a […]