Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child ! By, Diana Vega Gill

“You’ll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” ― Julia Child God forbid but if I suddenly had to flee my home one day and was left to  choose just one book to take with me among all the cook books I have collected it would be my treasured copy of “Baking With […]

Brysselkex Cookies (CheckerBoard Cookies)

One of the things I love about the holidays I get to bring back to the bakery is Gingerbread and my second thing is of course the ever Europe’s Dutch biscuits other known as “sables”. Many assortments can be made as one basic dough Vanilla, Marble, and ever famous checkerboard!  

Happy Labor Day!

Image by thepinkpeppercorn via Flickr Enjoying the holiday today, whether you are at the beach catching up on some sun and a little R & R may the day be joyful! If you decided it was time for a family picnic; I hope the baked goods were from Grandmother’s old time recipes but if they weren’t I’ve […]

Hello Cookie, Diana (Vega) Gill

Granada! Granada Cadiz Sevilla, where butter is called mantequilla / You’re treated so fine, when you come in to dine / I’m always delighted to see ya. Ole! Ole! Ole! Ole! -The Cookie Monster It’s Friday,  the day is promising. As inviting as the pool looks today, I will be taking some time to consult with my […]


The possibilities are endless to what you can add to a scones! Find your own basic recipe and add all your favorite ingredients! I once made these for a local coffee-house. The owner always wanted than oversized to compare to the size of a popular commercial coffee-house.   I tried weighing them out at 4  oz. then she wanted than […]