Mini Cupcake Cake

I was looking for a something fun to do with a class I teach during the summer. I came across this.We are celebrating baseball week so I thought this would be perfect! Typing in the dark while my family is asleep, time always seems to get the best of me somehow… This picture came from Cake Central! I will have the kids color a banner around the cupcake and use marshmallow for the topping. Pictures to follow!


Goodnight and Happy Cookin,
Chef D


Cookie Monster Fun

For Cookie Monster’s eyes I rolled out fondant in two balls the size of large peas. I used royal icing and colored it black to pipe in the pupils. Your favorite recipe cupcakes in any flavor, baked in colorful cupcake liner. Butter cream tinted in a fun color (I used Royal Blue gel color). A piping bag fitted with a multi opening tip (also known as the grass tip). White fondant for making eyeballs. Mini circle cutters for cutting out eyeball shapes. I used the large end of piping tips as my mini circle cutters and roll them into the Cookie Monster eyes. For Elmo I used my Epson XP400 edible printer. Don’t forget the mini size chocolate chip cookie for his mouth.


Cookie Monster Cupcake Tower and Cake Topper Covered in Fondant

cookie monster image

Wedding Bliss

wedding tower

Once in a while,
Right in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives us a fairy tale.

~ Anonymous ~

As a Pastry Chef it is my job to envision the atmosphere of that special wedding celebration. So I hold in my hands someone’s dream day and make it come to life. When I meet with a bride it’s up to me to find that special spark in her eyes. But I did not have to look far. The bride smiled sweetly and spoke softly as she said, “Can you make me a “Tiffany & Co Wedding”?” “Of course I can,” I replied. But do I just make cupcakes of sky blue and a cake topped with flowers? Their love was more than that…It was that special glance across the room when he first saw her. It was the bond that told her that it would last a lifetime. It was the fairy tale… wedding cc

butter flies
.wedding greatsshannon wedding cupcakes

wedding cookies