Life of the Best Dressed Cookie, By Diana (Vega) Gill

  Do you  need a culinary degree to make  the perfect cookie?  No certainly not, but I can say  knowledge and the best ingredients are the key to the time you will invest in making your baked goods come to life!

Don’t by any  means let them take a form of their own. You are the boss in the kitchen! “After all it’s just a cookie you say… but which would you rather serve a dry  over baked cookie or a cookie baked to perfection?”

Most importantly  study your recipe before you start. Especially the part where it says the dough must be chilled.

Make sure you have all your  ingredients before your start .  Do not sub if the recipe says use fresh strawberries or cranberries do not use frozen or dry. I only use unsalted butter and pure vanilla extract (never artificial)



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