The Help Moive, By Diana (Vega) Gill

 Katherine Sockett’s novel, The Help, which opened a few weeks ago ,  is set during the   Kennedy-era/Mississippi, filled with  iconic bold, bright big prints of the 60’s fashions iconic movie stars of that time. So when I received a call from a woman regarding my dress cookies  I was not surprised. She was excited about her recent night at the movies with friends. As a Thank-you gift she planned on sending them my cookies!

Delightful, beautiful, detailed and utterly fabulous! Words she used to describe my cookies!   Then she asked if I had seen the movie and when I replied “Not yet” there was a moment of awkward silent, as she said, “You don’t get out much do you?”  I wanted to laugh but remained  professional. ( Truthfully I was not too crazy about the whole ideology behind the movie, was it really the story I wanted my daughter to see, torment, uneasiness followed )    Before I could say anything she answered for me, “Oh I get it baker by night huh…” I have to wonder what the strong women of The Help ‘ movie really felt like knowing that what they did then so easily was history in the making . Every fiber a moment of life working,loving,  to cry  tears of joy , more often  tears of sorrow!  

Will I go see the movie any time soon?  No, most likely I might  read the book before I go to see the movie only because I admit I am a bit of a book-worm. Is there empowerment in words? Only if you are willing to write them and above all only if you are willing to share them. 

 In conclusion I must say, I would rather hear from the women depicted in the “Help” novel first hand them hearing it from another source. (Well, maybe one day I will. …) Like I said before, there is empowerment in words and sometimes words make you angry and remember a day in time that you might other wise have just wanted to forget.


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