October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month….

Celebrate Her Life Go Pink!

Celebrate Her Life  Go pink!!

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CancerCare.org – “Financial Help for People with Cancer”

Happy Birthday Gwen Stefani! , By Diana Vega Gill


As a California girl myself I have always loved Gwen Stefani’s  voice and her sense of style.

When the word  “Harajuku Lover’s” came into play I’ am afraid it  was my thirteen year old daughter  who introduced   me to Gwen’s collection.

“Harajuku Lover’s”  first debuted in 2005 as her clothing line L.A.M.B expanded and gave birth to this fun and elite product for girls only.

She even named her group of four back-up dancers “Harajuku Girls” dancers.

A few months ago I  received an order request for “Harajuku Lovers” theme party I wasn’t surprise!! Continue reading

The culinary equivalent of haute couture, By Diana Vega Gill

There are times in life that you may have asked yourself “Am I living the life I was meant to live” and until today the answer has  always been, “Yes” feeling exhausted with a new twist in the road it was only an obstacle yet just another challenge to face. I decided to take a walk to my local book store which for me has always been an excellent source to recreate.

The culinary equivalent of haute couture.” -Vivian Thomas

Clarity  nested in a well-arranged and quite place something caught my eye, focusing on a title as if it appeared in lights “ Paris Patisseries” By Flammarion  as I ran my fingers through the pages the smell of the new print  embraced me and for a moment my breath was taken away. The photos in this book were absolute beautiful, what it meant looking at it from a pastry chef’s point of  view; with little sleep on most days it was what my dreams are made of, what I would want to  inspire to be!  I might as well  have been standing on a beach somewhere watching the sunset…


Chef Diana Gill


Paris Pâtisseries: History, Shops, Recipes. Photographs by Christian Sarramon. Flammarion, 2010. $40.

This Blog : Photos credited to the book :  Paris Pâtisseries: History, Shops, Recipes. Photographs by Christian Sarramon. Flammarion, 2010. $40.

The book’s foreword was written by star pâtissier Pierre Hermé;